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Camps at Evensong


Winter Ready


Don't let the cold weather stop you!

We are offering a winter add-on extra that outfits our sites for the winter.


With propane heaters to keep away the chill, cozy bedding to snuggle in, a power station to keep you powered up (if you're into that!), and hot coffee/tea service to warm your insides, you will be able to escape to the woods in comfort. 

Winter camping is best enjoyed by singles or couples so there will be ample room inside the tent to relax.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or for a quiet place to focus on work during the week, our fully equipped campsites are ready for you! 

Our sites are the perfect spot for a couple's getaway or a outdoor adventure with the kids. Bring extra gear from home and make it a gathering with friends! Our sites are ready for 2 people but can accommodate up to 12 people per site. We have set up two private campsites that will afford you the wide open space and privacy you deserve. Both have a canvas tent set on a platform with a queen size bed, picnic table, fire ring, off-grid camp toilet, camp shower and other amenities


These sites are rented through our partner, Tentrr, and more information can be found at the links below.

Activities on the Farm

You don't even have to leave the property to have a great time.

Relax, unwind, recharge

While you are at the Camps feel free to enjoy our marked nature trails, splashing in the crick, swimming in the creek, fishing (for those that have a permit), campfires, and s'mores!

Cool Things Nearby

Get in your car and you will be back in civilization in no time.

Situated in Southern Washington County, Maryland, we are close to great hiking on the Appalachian Trail, the C&O Tow Path and at Antietam Battlefield. In the nearby towns you will find outfitters for floating and canoeing, wineries, breweries, restaurants, cafes, shops and more! We have assembled a list of some great things to do nearby--

Family Friendly Environment

We strive for our property to be relaxing and peaceful for all our guests. 

If you are looking for a place for a wild party that lasts until the wee hours, we are not the place for you. Respect other campers, respect  the farm, respect the environment. Don't be "that guy".

We can't wait to see you
For more information, please join our mailing list below. 
Tentrr Campsites
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