Thank you for becoming a member of Evensong Farm's Cow Share community!


Your beef has been dry aged, cut, packed, flash frozen, and I have carefully divided it into a variety of options for you to choose from. 


The 16 shares vary from 13-21 pounds and some lean toward steak lovers and others lean toward those who like to cook low and slow. Each share includes 6 pounds of ground beef.


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for supporting my farm, y'all are the BEST!  -Julie-


Read through the contents of the different bags and choose which one, or two, best suits your needs. Check the description in the store below or easily compare them in the handy spreadsheet!

Call dibs!

Reserve your share by paying a $5 deposit, which will be credited to your final bill. Remember, each share is unique and they are all first come/first served. Any claimed shares will be listed as "out of stock".

Pick up or delivery

Let me know if you want to pick up at the farm or at our drop off in Silver Spring. Home delivery to Silver Spring/NW DC is possible.

Final Payment

You can pay your balance by cash, check, card, or PayPal upon delivery. Simply take your share's price and subtract any deposits.

And the nominees for best bag o'beef are...

Reserve your share from the 16 selections below, which are organized from largest to smallest weight. Details about total weight and price per pound are in the spreadsheet (best viewed in Google Sheets but Excel works, too). ps- the images are simply placeholders....I liked the colors :-)