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Thank you for becoming a member of Evensong Farm's Cow Share community!


Your beef has been dry aged, cut, packed, flash frozen, and I have carefully divided it into a variety of options for you to choose from. They are listed below in the shop with the shares first and extras toward the bottom. The share prices reflect the balance due after taking your $65 deposit into account.


The 10 shares are pretty equally divided with just a few variations between them (variations are listed in the bag title). They all have

  • a Chuck Roast,

  • a package of New York Strip Steaks (2),

  • a Sirloin Steak,

  • a couple packages of Shank (aka Osso Bucco),

  • a couple packages of Short Ribs,

  • a package of Stew Cubes,

  • and, with the exception of bag #10, a package of 2 Rib Eye steaks.

  • Also included are 4 pounds of Ground Beef but all members have an option to purchase 2 additional pounds at $5 each, for a total of 6 pounds. I have found some of my customers don't use a lot of ground beef so I wanted to be a bit flexible with how much people got. *If any ground beef is not claimed initially, other members will be given a change to buy the extra. Please let me know if you are interested in extras, should there be any!


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for supporting my farm, y'all are the BEST!  -Julie-


Read through the contents of the different bags and choose which one best suits your needs. Check the description in the store below, the cuts that are unique to that share are listed in the bag title to make it easy to identify!

Call dibs!

Pay for the share you would like and don't forget to add any extras, which are listed below the shares (only the ground beef has a minimal fee, everything else is no extra charge). Remember, each share is unique and they are all first come/first served. Any claimed shares will be listed as "out of stock".

Pick up or delivery

Let me know if you want to pick up at the farm or at our drop off in Silver Spring. Home delivery to Silver Spring/NW DC is possible.

November '22 
Cow Shares

Reserve your share from the selections below.  
ps- the images are simply placeholders....I liked the colors :-)

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